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Welcome to the official USA Fan Club

Kathy & Jerry Parker have been great fans of Rita & Andreas for many years as have my wife and I over the years. After meeting Kathy & Jerry in the Zillertal and knowing they were the original fan club members I thought we should have a Fan Club website so here it is.

Ken Kohnhorst, Leavenworth, WA


By Kathy Parker, Coeur d'Alene' Idaho (December, 2016)
How often can you find your own "Heaven on Earth"? You know what I mean, a place where you feel totally at home and at peace, as if you were always meant to be there, not just physically, but a place that truly touches your heart and soul. The Zillertal region of Austria is my "Heaven." But a place is not only made special by beautiful scenery, but by the people who call that place home. And two of those people, who have made the Zillertal area so special to my husband and me, are RITA & ANDREAS. In 2012 we were honored to be their first official fan club from the U.S.A. Spend an evening in a local Gasthaus listening to their music, and you will soon understand just what makes this couple so special. Not only is their music and singing wonderful, living up to their Original Zillertal Sound name with truly authentic folks music from the region, but you too will soon discover their warmth and unpretentious personalities are what truly set them apart as entertainers. They bring so much love and heart to the stage and enlighten the room with their enthusiasm, making it so much fun to be there. We hope that we will be blessed with more opportunities to make more great memories of times with Rita & Andreas in the future.

Besides enjoying their regular music evenings at such places as the Hotel Rose or Hotel Pachmaier, we had the opportunity to share in their annual Fests in 2012 at the Erlebnis Sennerai and 2015 up on the Rosenalm. Wow, what a way to spend a weekend! Rita and Andreas share the stage with other great Zillertal musical groups and entertainers, such as Marc Pircher, Zellberg Buam, die Geschwister Niederbacher, die Jungen Zellberger, Mario & Christoph, Sigrid & Marina, die Fetzigen Zillertaler, Freddy Pfister Band, die Bergdiamanten, GG Anderson, etc. The list goes on and on of bands we have enjoyed through our connection with Rita & Andreas. The walls of my sewing room at home are covered in postcards from all the bands we have heard in the Zillertal. No place can match the music of the Zillertal for fun and good times. What could be more fun and enjoyable than an afternoon high up on an Alpine Alm with an open air Mass followed by great music and food and of course a Zillertal beer?

How exciting it was to be in the audience at Rita & Andreas'10th anniversary celebration and hear them sing accompanied by the band and chorus. They did great, and Rita's rendition of "The Rose" was fantastic. They are comfortable performing all kinds of music. Our thanks go out to you, Rita and Andreas, for making our visits to the Zillertal very special and memorable. Hope we can return to the Zillertal very soon. All the best to you both!

Hope you enjoy the website. - Ken Kohnhorst, Webmaster


Christmas Videos

As webmaster my wife and I have never had the opportunity to be in the Zillertal during the Christmas season.

However, through many of our contacts from locals we have been told of the wonderful young lady that was know for her singing of Ava Maria in her home church in Reid
Now that we have heard her sing I can see why she was so well known in the Zillertal.  Your too can enjoy her through these videos.  Andreas does a great job as well.

We are so happy that many of Rita and Andreas's Christmas programs are on video.

You can enjoy them as well by clicking on the following link. Weihnachtsvideos

Rita & Andreas CD's

Rita & Andreas have a great collection of CD's for your enjoyment. 

If you are like us we can't attend their Christmas concert but with their new CD one can close their eyes and feel as you right their in the front room. You really nned to hear Rita sing "Ava Maria"...goose bumps are guaranteed!!

You can view their current CD's by following this link: Rita & Andreas CD's .